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The war-ravaged mining world of Lineus was a lonely site in the void of space. An eerie glow of golden and crimson spanned across two-thirds of the surface from the twin suns it orbited. Unlike most other systems, planets and other astral bodies occupied a jittery figure of eight journeys around both of the stars. Thus providing this mineral-rich world with eight different seasons.

Suddenly, and without warning, a colossal blast of light tore through the calm close to the lonely planet. A rupture of purple energies tore into existence. A roiling maelstrom of interdimensional energy, foul magicks, and horrors was shown to the universe. Protruding from the eye of this ethereal storm came an enormous alabaster prow of the mighty fortress-monastery known as The Emperor's Ascension, command vessel of the Blood Praetorians chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. The iconic references to their progenitor chapter, The Blood Angels, was apparent from the gigantic wing sculptures and blood drops wrapped in thorned halos. Micro-storms surrounded this initial piercing of the material world and hundreds of other craft came back into the mortal realms.

Upon The Emperor's Ascension, Zaphkiel the Blood Praetorian Chapter Master stood within his arming chambers with only his robe to protect his bare, pale flesh from the coldness in the air. The temperature in the room was about to increase within moments as the mighty humanoid began the preparations for battle with a simple command:

"Prepare me for battle my loyal servants."

With that uttering a small legion of servitors and servo-skulls activated and swarmed around the giant. Each one a separate cog in the machine to equip their commander in chief with the armour and weaponry required for war. Zaphkiel's robe was removed and he stood up straight, rising to an impressive height of 11-foot. Freed from the bonds of his robes, the Lord of Blood stretched all of his limbs, his arms, his legs, and finally his two huge feathered wings. The custom-built alabaster-white modular war-plate of the Chapter Master was slotted and bolted into place around his hulking frame, allowing for the monstrous pinions to be free. In lieu of placing his blood-hued helmet atop his crown, the servitor responsible respectfully attached it to his belt magnetically. Finally, a duo of hovering servo-skulls buzzed across the room wielding a majestic glaive, known as Skypiercer, and placed it into the hands of their master. The huge two-handed weapon could not be handled by a regular man, but Zaphkiel is far from a normal man. The ebon pole was laced with golden details up to the powered core. The pale blue blade sat atop a hilt wrapped in thorns.

The titan was ready to eradicate the threat from the surface of Lineus. The heavy ceramic boots clapped against the metal floor as the angel left the armoury and onwards towards the flight deck.

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