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The space-faring fortress-monastery known as The Emperor’s Ascension was a majestic sight to behold from a planet’s surface. The enormous hull would reflect all the splendours of the local stars off its alabaster skin. Mighty sculpted angels resided on each exterior column, protecting the passengers from the darkness of space.

This impossibly sized vessel was surrounded by barges, cruisers, and strike craft. All sharing the gleaming white armour of The Emperor’s Ascension. A rolling crusade of enormous flight craft on a quest to cement humanity’s hold on the galaxy.

The command room of The Emperor’s Ascension burst into life as an eerie, etheric blue glow split across the monitors in front of the servitors. The simple task of monitoring the screen for distress signals was bestowed upon the being known as Gamma-IV. Gamma-IV was a shell of a human being, all but the essential organs and limbs had been removed to make way for an enhanced mechanical vocal box, superior cybernetic cameras, and telescopic tendrils that connected directly into the computer system it was built in to.

“Hail, Grand Master Zaphkiel,” bellowed the sub-human’s vox system, “… incoming distress signal-bearing Sigma-Alpha 21.233.32X… Astra Militarum encoding… unknown assailants.”

The hollow blue light ceased, and the command deck returned to the clear satin white it was before. At the head of the room stood a majestic throne which bore no features bar a stream of cables that fed it from behind. Atop the slated seat sat a tall, muscular humanoid individual. His skin was tanned and thick, almost like leather when compared to his white robes. His eyes shone with the experience of the universe. For a moment, the being stoked his angular chin with his forefinger and thumb before he began to speak.

“Thank you, Gamma-IV. I know exactly which little planet this is. It is the mining planet known as Lineus. This world is always in peril due to the hidden ores under the surface.” A glimmer of his pearly white fangs shone through his lips. Zaphkiel pondered for a few seconds, “We will put our current quest on hold and will come to the aid of the Astra Militarum on the planet. Gamma-III, inform the astropath of the new bearing to Lineus.”

The giant stood up from his throne. He was 9ft, tall for a Primaris Astartes. Disfigurement was rare in the new breed of Space Marine. his back looked hunched under his white robes. With an enlightened sense of purpose, Zaphkiel exited the command deck to prepare for war.

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