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  • Damion

The Blood Praetorians

Hello, I am Damion and for our first campaign, I have chosen to collect Primaris Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines). I have been out of the hobby for a fair few years now and have not had the pleasure of painting any of these new superhumans. However, I can not wait to open up my first unit and show you all the progress I make.

The first step was choosing a progenitor chapter and, for me, this was easy. Nothing says cool like space vampires. So I chose the Blood Angels. My homebrew chapter, The Blood Praetorians, will have a colour scheme based on the first-founding chapter as well as the same genetic flaw.

So, The Blood Praetorians are space vampires... "But hold on, didn't Belisarius Cawl remove all genetic flaws!", I hear you cry out. Well, you would be correct... however the history of this primaris chapter is steeped in mystery and secrets. Even the Ordo Hereticus are investigating their homeworld regarding suspicions of malpractice and cult activity.

If you have read volume 2 of the Lineus War you would have found out that the Chapter Master of The Blood Praetorians, Zaphkiel, also has his own physical issues due to the mutation in the gene-seed used. What is he hiding under that hump?

There are many questions arising from the Lineus War on both sides of the battlefield. Keep on coming back to read about our two forces and the inevitable outcome of the fate of the planet.