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  • Vincent

Thatos, Warrior of Death.

Lineus Volume One

Lineus is a small world first expressed by many as a promised land, filled with hope and a free world for all of mankind. Lineus may have been a safe haven but it was heavily defended because it was an essential port between fellow worlds. Making it a target destination for all traders. The high grade of materials and ore mined from the Planet allowed for unique and esteemed guests to buy from the Planet. Oftentimes inviting the richest of clientele to delve into the wealth of superior armor and weapons.

Under the stress of constant drilling, digging and bombs exploding, no one expected what was to become of the world… or what was hiding in the depths. Troves of Imperial Guard mine deeper for longer to obtain more riches for their cause. Until finally unearthing a wall made full of Obliterium, an ancient steel which had been a lost element to the wars for many millennia. The Obliterium so valuable it could pay for armies, scorns of humans to be equipped with only the best weaponry and armor, gunships and guns… They couldn’t believe what they could see before their eyes. Succumb to greed, leaders would blast the door for months without any thought of what could be on the other side…

After months of destruction a final shockwave had left the wall cracked from which you could now see the other side of the door. Light shone within the room… leaders shocked from what they have witnessed, what they had unearthed. They had unearthed a crypt full of an ancient species. The Necrons. Alarms sound, horns whale as they know only too well of the devastation and annihilation this undead lifeform possesses.

The Imperial Guard are now in a frenzy, scattered with different opinions still sounding alarms. Left themselves wide open; a failure to notice a very small but important detail… Within the crypts the Necron were still active, given away by their bright but small blue eyes almost luminescent from the small amount of light obtained from the crack in the wall. Echoes of machinery and residual noise would drown out the movement of the Necron as they would slowly push forward to investigate who or what had freed them from their slumber… their own personal hell. They could see a disorganised and hectic civilization of which they have never seen before. The wall, so thick and buried so deep it was impregnable to destroy from the inside, now just a thin layer of Obliterium the Necrons would wait for their Necron Lord to give the order to vanquish what was left and destroy all and everything that stands in their way.

The Necron crypt, large throughout noticeably saved for intergalactic war criminals, housed only the most violent and dangerous of armies. This particular army in its time was called ‘Necrosis’. Strong in their ranged abilities and accuracy with their weapons, led by their Necron leader Thatos, Warrior of Death. An incredibly aggressive but strategic individual who had traveled the galaxies destroying worlds with his army for many hundreds of thousands of years. Thatos, given his title from his enemies, exterminated worlds unable to distinguish right from wrong. He didn’t feel pain or anguish when killing things, he was invented to kill and designed to lead.

Imprisoned for over 6 million years, the Necrosis standing dormant, patient waiting for their time to come if it should ever arise again. Ready to re-inherit their name as the death of all things. Their capture aided by all walks of life in the universe gathered all their might to trick and trap the Necron army. Baiting them into the crypt, sacrificing thousands of troops to lead the Necron army to their trap. Trapped behind a pre-built wall made from an ultra rare mineral Obliterium, a powerfully hard and sturdy mineral that would leave any species helpless within the crypt. At the time Lineus was a secluded world near no known civilization or live being, the riches from the world and accompanying worlds had yet to have been discovered. It was in all ways the perfect place to hold prisoners.