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  • Vincent

And So It Begins

After much waiting over the Christmas holidays for parcels and figures to arrive, they're finally here!

Introducing the first Necron built by myself - I'll call him Bastion of Beelzebub, or Bob for short.

A little bit of scraping and cleaning up and he'll come out looking like flowers...

One thought I haven't decided on yet is the colour scheme, one wants to make them dark and dingy, ominous and true dealers of death. However I can't help but feel that's too obvious and would make them too generic and that's not something I usually like being.. generic.

Locked away on Lineus for so long would promote dust and/or rust but whose to say these beings are not able to self-clean and keep up top shape ready for their release, the could even have racing stripes for all we know.

I'll keep you guys posted once I've agreed with myself on what to do next at least with the colour options, so keep posted!