The Home of the Lineus War


A Warhammer 40000 fan project by the Alton Brothers

Exciting Grimdark Narrative

The Lineus War

Follow the resurrection of a millennia-old Necron overlord known as Thatos, Warrior of Death on the mining world of Lineus. And the story of the Ultima Founding Primaris Adeptus Astartes chapter known as the Blood Praetorians who have sworn to defeat them.

Ancient evil awaits at the core of the living planet, could it be the tomb world of a timeless Star God?

The rallying heroes charged with the quest to defeat the Necrons hold their own secrets that will unfold in the campaign to come.


The Alton Brothers

The Hobbyists

Join us as we build our homebrew Warhammer 40000 armies from the ground up. We are creating an "Altonate" Universe with the first bout being between the Adeptus Astartes and Necrons.

Our blog will feature information on our building, painting, battles, campaigns, and lore. Will you be a follower of Thatos, Warrior of Death or Chapter Master Zaphriel?